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We are providing ceramic tile, porcelain tile and ceramic granite tile installations.

The need for renovations arises when buying a new property, or when there is a technical necessity, as the key components of your house, the apartment or the office lost their functionality  and there is need of renovation.

The dream of every human is to live in  a beautiful and comfortable house. Modern renovation technologies allow everyone to make the dream a reality, without  spending a lot of time and efforts. It is enough to find the professional renovation company, which carries out the work in time and guarantees the quality.

Applying the Tile Setter Pro, you can be sure  your dreams will come true. Our motto is responsibility  and serious attitude to any project. The fact we are following this concept proves  the grateful customer reviews, which can be found on our website.

We practice versatile approach to solving the problem, each client - is not only a business partner, but a friend in need of advice and help. Before getting to work, we will:

  • Evaluate the range of works  in the beginning;
  • Then draw up all estimates for the consumables, taking into account the characteristics of the task;
  • Proceeding with process, involving all professional technology and equipment.

Company concept briefly expressed in the motto: «We carry out the work, as if we do it for ourselves.»

Take advantage of our offer, please contact the Tile Setter Pro and you can be assured of timely and professional renovation service.




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