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Biofireplaces in a modern interior

For urban residents, the fireplace has become an unforgettable luxury. If it is possible to install it in a country house, then in apartments this task is almost unrealistic. In this case, biofireplaces become a great alternative - a source of fire without smoke and soot. What are the benefits of biofuel fireplaces? Tile installer…
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How to determine leakage in underfloor pipes?

The underfloor heating system is a very nice thing. Especially in Canada. It retains heat in the rooms and evenly distributes it, making the stay in the house more comfortable and beneficial to health. If your system is new, then there will most likely be no problems with leaks. Modern pipes made of polymers are…
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Top 10 Bathroom Trends 2019

The tile is the main element of the bathroom decor. This material has various uses for shapes, colors, patterns, and layouts. This allows you to experiment and create a variety of interior options. Sink in front of the window When the sink is located right by the window, there is no place to hang the…
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Tile mosaic – decoration and reliability in every home

Tile mosaic is very populartoday. It attracts special attention for the most part because it looks very non-standard and at the same time universal. It also has proven its reliability and efficiency on practice. The mosaic has multi-functionality, and this is different from other types of tiles. Mosaic tile is also highly resistant to temperature…
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Interior tiles: design solutions and installation methods

Tiles for modern premises are not just ordinary facing material, but a real way to create your own style. Using a variety of tiles, you can set the mood of the interior and make a unique design. Such kind of tile design as an imitation tile has great popularity. Modern technologies for the production of…
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Facing the fireplace: how to decorate it

For a long time, stoves are used not only for space heating but also as a decorative element. Presently the most various types of fireplaces came to replace furnaces. This device is very important for recreation centers, residential and country houses. Fireplace lining: marble classic Marble is a natural material. It belongs to igneous rocks…
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How to choose the kitchen floor covering

The right kind of flooring plays an important role in the comfort and perception of your home. Today the choice of flooring is more varied than ever. A wide range of styles, types and styling options allow you to find the best flooring. New kitchen floors can be expensive and require significant investment. Therefore, it…
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Fireplace – decoration of any house

Previously, the fireplace in the house served only for one purpose - the heating of the room. Today, a fireplace will be an ornament of any house. Now the fireplaces are a very popular decorative element, which can create the feeling that you are not in a simple city apartment, but in the hall of…
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Actual color solutions for the bathroom

Beautiful bathroom design should be given special attention. It’s a place to relax after a long working day. The bathroom design should match in style with the overall concept of the apartment. It’s optimally when the whole apartment is decorated in the same style. Many experts argue that it is important to make a bathroom…
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