Biofireplaces in a modern interior

For urban residents, the fireplace has become an unforgettable luxury. If it is possible to install it in a country house, then in apartments this task is almost unrealistic. In this case, biofireplaces become a great alternative - a source of fire without smoke and soot.

What are the benefits of biofuel fireplaces?

Tile installer from Vancouver tell about the main positive characteristics of a biofireplace are:

  1. Ease of use. They are easy to kindle, to regulate the power of fire and the amount of heat, and in the end it is easy to put out.
  2. Complete safety. The ideal design of the biofireplace allows you to save fire in a controlled area, preventing it from going beyond the established limits. And the absence of smoke makes the bio-fireplace harmless to health.
  3. Mobility. The design of biofireplaces allows you to transfer them from place to place if desired.
  4. Perfect decor. Biofireplaces with their variety of external forms allow you to choose a device for any interior design.
  5. The comfort of the room. It can be argued that it is better to create comfort in a house or a regular fireplace. In the case of the latter, one does not need to worry about the constant control of the flame or the spread of unpleasant smoke. Bio booms allow you to enjoy the view and noise of a burning flame, forgetting about all the problems and hardships.

Types of bio fireplaces

Every lover of sitting by a live fire will be able to choose the best fireplace for himself. They are:

  • built-in;
  • desktop;
  • wall mounted;
  • floor standing.

Built-in biofireplace

Built-in models are suitable for mounting the device in a niche or wall opening. Such models are similar to conventional fireplaces, so they will suit the followers of the classic style in the interior.

Desktop biofireplace

Small table fireplaces will not only look good with any room design, but will also charge a person with positive emotions during dinner or work.

Wall-mounted models will be convenient in small rooms where it is important to optimize every centimeter of space.

Floor biofireplace

The convenience of floor fireplaces consists in their mobility - the fireplace can be placed against the wall or in the center of the room and change the location of your own free will.

Fireplace installation

If the design of the gas fireplace is complex, then it is necessary to contact professionals for installation. Tile installer from Vancouver can set both real fireplaces and artificial or bio. All work will be carried out on time and for the optimal budget.


Biofireplace is a great addition to the familiar room design. They will become a favorite place for home gatherings. What could be better than gathering with loved ones near a cozy fire?

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