How to choose the right form and size of the bathroom tiles?

Choosing the bathroom tiles directly affects the overall perception of the room. You can expand the visual room space by using the right size of the tiles. Inspect the room and create several decor variations before the renovation starts.

Bathroom features

Bathroom features

Pay attention to such aspects as:

  • Total area;
  • Walls size;
  • Sanitary and furniture location;
  • Additional interior elements.

There are three common tile types: large, medium and small. The latter one includes a mosaic as well. It is suitable for any type of surface. Using such tiles type for the floors decorating is necessary for a tandem with walls.

It’s necessary to distinguish between the forms of tiles:

  • Square;
  • Rectangle (bricks);
  • Round (rarely used).

Small bathroom tiles

Small bathroom tiles

It seems obvious the decision to use a medium-sized tile in a small room. But it does not always work. Let’s distinguish several tile subgroups to better understand its specificity. First of all, it’s a square tile with a size of 10x10. The similar elements are often used for the floor. The desired effect is achieved when the tile is positioned diagonally. Also, you can use the same color grout.

The second option is rectangular miniature bricks. It’s not a good option for the main wall decoration but you can use it for some style elements. The third type is a mosaic. It looks like a miniature square or round elements creating a monotonous coating or a picture. Individual fragments are fastened together in larger tiles. The mosaic weighs a lot. The total weight depends on the composition: ceramics, glass, etc.

Medium bathroom tiles

Medium bathroom tiles

Optimal bathroom tiles format:

  • 10x20 cm;
  • 15x25 cm;
  • 20x25 cm;
  • Squares with sides from 21 to 30 cm.

A medium-sized tile is suitable for finishing most of the bathrooms. Square fragments create a simple and elegant surface. Rectangles play the role of visual space corrector. They are stacked long side along the plane that you want to increase. Due to its versatility, you can use any layout scheme. The appropriate option is selected individually by focusing on the specific parameters of the room and furniture.

Large bathroom tiles

Large elements

The last option is ceramic tiles for a large bathroom. Tiles size starts at 30 cm and above. Large elements are used extremely rarely and allowed only in spacious rooms. Large-sized elements are laid only on a flat floor or walls. Even the slightest distortion leads to the tile cracks. Large ceramic tiles are suitable for creating a monolithic seamless surface. If you managed to find the right size of the tile, the bathroom will get a significant look. Choose the right type of materials to create beautiful, comfortable, practical and spacious bathroom.

Blue bathroom color

Bathroom Renovation in British Columbia

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