Choosing a fireplace model for a modern interior

We collected more than 60 interesting images of design projects in which a fireplace is equipped. See creative ideas when organizing such a practical, functional interior as a fireplace.

The design itself can be executed and decorated in various stylistic directions. The fireplace can act as a focus of attention, and a background for other interior items. Everything depends on imagination and financial possibilities.

Optionally, the fireplace model should match the stylistics of the room in which it is located, especially if you decide to draw attention to the fireplace.

For example, the minimalist style of decoration of a fireplace can approach almost to any room in modern stylistics. The classic appearance of the fireplace also has a certain versatility and for urban housing will be appropriate in many cases. For country houses, designers often offer country stylistics. This style can decorate the modern interior of the living room or bedroom.

Let's look at specific examples of what kind of fireplace execution can be, how it can be combined with furnishing and decorating the room and for which rooms to choose this or that model.

Classic style in the performance of a fireplace

Strict, but thus the attractive appearance of the fireplace design will be popular always. In addition, the classic image of a fireplace is easy to combine in the modern premises.

Minimalism in the design of the fireplace

Given the propensity of modern style to minimalism, such a strict decoration of the fireplace without decor, will harmoniously fit into the interior of the living room, bedroom or dining room.

Country style fireplace

Village stylistics provides, first of all, decorating the space around the fireplace with the help of natural or artificial stone, sometimes using wood. But this does not mean that stone cladding is possible only in a suburban dwelling. Within the city premises, stone finishing can be successfully integrated into a modern interior.

Fireplace in Modern style

Modernity is manifested in contrasting color solutions with the use of calm natural shades, the use of non-trivial decor, mirror and glass surfaces, various textures within a single room.

Double-sided fireplace

Such original models are usually installed on the border of two zones within a single room. It is very convenient if you can watch the fire in the fireplace from the living room and, separated by a wall-screen with a fireplace, a bedroom.

Fireplace in British Columbia

If you already have a design interior, then it must be implemented. We can make a fireplace in any kind of style.

It is worth adding that we are working in British Columbia. For a free assessment of works, call (778) 865-4107 or fill out the form.

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