Facing the fireplace: how to decorate it

For a long time, stoves are used not only for space heating but also as a decorative element. Presently the most various types of fireplaces came to replace furnaces. This device is very important for recreation centers, residential and country houses.

Fireplace lining: marble classic

Marble is a natural material. It belongs to igneous rocks and is excellent in withstanding large and sudden temperature changes. With proper polishing, marble has a very high aesthetic characteristic. It’s appreciated by builders from time immemorial. Marble is found in a variety of colors in nature. You can trim a fireplace for every taste with it. Marble can be combined both among itself and with other natural materials.

marble classic

Marble is laid quite problematic. Almost every second fireplace is a unique product with a specific shape. The material is very difficult to cut. Cut facing parts need to be as large as possible. This moment affects the cost of the material. The larger the slab of marble, the more expensive it is.

tile on fireplace

How to impose a fireplace: tile and its varieties

The option of facing the fireplace by tiles is very common. This renovation method is much cheaper than marble. Plain tile is not quite suitable for facing hot surfaces. You need porcelain, which is more versatile and has improved technical performance. Working with porcelain is easier than with marble. All preparatory and finishing work is faster.

stone blocks
Fireplace lining materials: stone blocks

Stone has a lot in common with marble. It is perfect for finishing the fireplace. Heterogeneous stones are connected in a unique mosaic. Each stone complements the overall design. Laying such material does not take much time. The whole picture is made up of individual small stones. Each item can be further decorated with varnish. There is a natural and artificial stone. The difference between these materials is very tangible.

combined options

How to veneer fireplace: combined options

Plain materials look too boring. Monotonous interior quickly tires owners of the house. The variety in colors and shapes allows you to create a unique and stylish object. A stylish fireplace and various items in the room should complement each other. A skillful combination of shapes and colors will create your dream home. As a rule, the rest of the design is created around these elements. To achieve this effect, you can either bright, contrasting coloring, or by combining various materials.

65 ideas for decorating the fireplace

We present to your attention a gallery where you can find various options for decorating a room where there is a fireplace.

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