Floor renovation in private house and apartment: screed and decorative trim

Any house renovation starts with a floor screed filling, which serves as a basis for further arranging the decorative coating: laminate, parquet, tile, etc. There may be several variations of this type of wrk, depending on many nuances. Knowledge of the technical nuances and the relevance of the processes can save you a lot of money.

Floor renovation

Self-leveling screed

The use of self-leveling mixtures allows you to create a perfectly flat surface. You can install laminate, floorboard and other decorative floor coverings in a few days on it.

Self-leveling screed has indisputable advantages which make it possible to effectively use it in-house or flat renovation:

  • Good viscosity allowing to fill all the existing irregularities;
  • Low weight, which does not exert a significant load on the structure;
  • Short drying time which makes it possible to lay the coating after two days.

Floor renovation

Machine screed

It’s a semi-dry screed which is using for large areas. For example, one team is capable of pouring from 150 to 250 square meters. Machine screed can be poured as a draft and finishing option.

Machine floor screed stands out with several advantages:

  • High density. It ensures a minimum of water in the mixture;
  • No shrinkage. It allows you to accurately calculate the required height to level the floor;
  • Minimum work time. It’s a great option due to the low moisture content in the mixtures.
  • The convenience of technology. The main work is carried out on the street. After that, you only need to make a floor leveling. It significantly reduces the room humidity.

A mechanized screed is a great opportunity to reduce the time and cost of repairing an apartment or a private house. You also will get the ideal floor surface for further work.

Floor renovation

Wet screed

Wet screed floor is used extremely rarely in the past few years because a mechanized method is a more interesting method. However, it will be preferable in the following points:

  • The wet screed is necessary when you need to fill in a small area (bathroom, kitchen, etc.);
  • If the floor is filled in the garage. Parking and other places are acceptable too;
  • When it is not possible to deliver, and place a lot of stuff and materials (cement, sand, etc.).

Make a quote and a preliminary plan before choosing a screed type. Also, consult with professionals about the type of materials and premises. It can save you a lot of money. Proceed to renovation independently only if you have the knowledge and experience. Otherwise, contact professional builders.

Floor renovation in Vancouver

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