Interior tiles: design solutions and installation methods

Tiles for modern premises are not just ordinary facing material, but a real way to create your own style. Using a variety of tiles, you can set the mood of the interior and make a unique design. Such kind of tile design as an imitation tile has great popularity. Modern technologies for the production of tiles make it possible to create the surface that is almost impossible to distinguish from a real simulated material.

There are several types of imitation of various materials:

  • Wood;
  • Marble;
  • Natural stone;
  • Skin;
  • Metal.

These types are the most common because they can incredibly accurately convey any necessary idea and create a unique interior. Many designers use similar tiles to create a stylish interior. Such an element of the interior can be the hallmark of any house or apartment. The stylish and unusual type of materials will amaze any unprepared person.

Wooden tile

Wooden tile

Wood, marble, stone, leather end metal: best design options

Wood imitation is one of the most popular types of tile «decorations». Many people prefer such tiles for many reasons. The main one is that the tree looks incredibly cozy and ennobles every room. «Wooden tile» is able to create an atmosphere of true unity with nature. It can be successfully combined with both modern technologies, classic and vintage. Externally, wood grain tiles look like this is a real parquet or wood flooring.It is almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye.

Imitation marbled tiles are another up-to-date and fast-paced trend that will make any room a real work of art. You can see for yourself if you see it in any interior. Modern technologies make it possible to create such a variety of colors and patterns that are simply breathtaking. The price of such tiles is quite affordable.

Imitation of a natural stone

Imitation of a natural stone

Imitation of a natural stone is one more way to decorate an interior of the room by means of a tile. Floor tiles or wall tiles - not so important how it fits - the main thing is how to successfully combine it with other elements of the interior. Tiles under stone look a little rougher than marbled tiles - just for those who find the latter too extravagant.

The skin imitation

The skin imitation

The skin imitation and «metal» tiles are less common than the rest, but it gives a unique charm to the whole room. Original interior ideas can create a unique style. Technologies allow producing various formats and graphic images. New unusual tiles will create an indescribable atmosphere of comfort and convenience.

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