Pros and cons of facing tiles in the bathroom

It's hard to disagree with the fact that tile walls the most usual and traditional way of decorating in the bathroom. But is it preferable today? Or maybe the advantages of finishing the bathroom walls with PVC panels are more convincing? Consider the pros and cons of tile in order to find the answer to these and many other questions before you start the renovation.

Bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles pros

The main advantage of tile as a finishing material is its exceptional durability. The standard service life of the walls faced with ceramic tiles is an impressive 90 years. Consider it more than enough for several generations of tenants. However, even if there is no urgent need to repair the premises some people will like to contemplate the same walls for almost a century. As a consequence, the desire to make repairs is brewing even if from a technical point of view, it is not so necessary.

That’s why the high durability of tile can be attributed only to conditionally positive qualities. The absence of voids under the coating is very important for the overall quality of the walls. It has resistance to cuts and scratches which is one of the greatest advantages. The biological and chemical resistance of ceramic tiles is highly valued all over the world. This material looks impressive in any interior.

Bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles cons

You need to carefully and time-consuming leveling the walls before laying the tiles. In some cases, the costs of such work may exceed the budget for all other operations related to the repair of the bathroom. The high cost of ceramic tiles and its installation in comparison with the same finishing of the bathroom with PVC panels. The tile is practically not suitable for repair. If a separate tile is damaged (cracked for example) it will not be possible to replace it anymore. Moreover, it won’t be possible to replace even a row of tiles.

Unlike plastic which maintains air temperature, the tile is cold to the touch. Occasional touching the walls during hygienic procedures can hardly be called pleasant. The weak spot of ceramic tiles has always been and still are interlacing seams. It explains some of the disadvantages of finishing the walls with tiles. Consider all the alternatives before buying tiles. Perhaps you will find alternatives. Choose the best quality and direct tiles if you still decided to buy. A special installation system will simplify the process. The tiles layer will be smooth and clean, though.

Bathroom Design

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