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Fireplace – decoration of any house

Previously, the fireplace in the house served only for one purpose - the heating of the room. Today, a fireplace will be an ornament of any house. Now the fireplaces are a very popular decorative element, which can create the feeling that you are not in a simple city apartment, but in the hall of…
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Install Ceramic Tile on Wall

Our specialists will allow you to enjoy the result of a long renovation of the kitchen or the bathroom. We will promptly execute all necessary tiling in your apartment, private house or office. Tile installation is quite delicate work, requiring precise measurements and the correct calculation. If you want to tile your bathroom and have…
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Install Ceramic Floor Tile

Among existing tile flooring options the ceramic floor tiles confidently holds the leading position, thanks to its high practical and aesthetic features, as well as hygienic and environmental safety. Used in residential and public housing, the ceramics floor tile is able to maintain the original appearance and performance for a long time, without scrupulous attitude.…
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Install Porcelain Tiles

For apartments, houses, shopping centers and offices decoration the porcelain granite, durable and environmentally friendly material, is used. Among the variety of colors and shades, marble or natural stone and wood decoration material is very popular. With granite, you can create not only a beautiful covering, but also durable as it is resistant to abrasion,…
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Install Mosaic Tile On Wall

Recently, in the rooms decoration the mosaic tiles are of common use, this is a great alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. According to experts, the coating made of such finishing material is durable, also resistant to moisture and to the temperature changes. In addition, a variety of shapes and shades of mosaic will allow everyone…
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